Life Without the First Amendment

first amendment

Life without the first amendment,

How indescribable that may be,

Perhaps we’d be like another country,

Not completely free.


Essays, speeches, lectures, newspapers,

All would have to change,

Their message would be something different,

That of a different range.


This range would be one,

One and all the same,

One person would call the shots,

And determine each and every name.


I could not say what I truly feel,

And regardless of the conditions of the society,

There would be no complaints about the system,

No matter what the injustice might be.

~ ~ ~

Life without the first amendment,

How awful that may be,

Perhaps I’d be jailed as consequences,

For saying what I feel about me.


I could not say that I do not like the bread,

Or if the water I drink is stale,

I could not write in an opinion poll about the current mayor,

Even if I know it’ll help him in the campaign trail.


Google, Yahoo!, and MSN,

Would be empty without their gossip polls,

The magazine racks would lack Hollywood stories,

With a dull atmosphere taking over Wal-Mart, Target, and Kohl’s.


William Hearst would be taboo,

And Martin Luther King could not dream his dream,

President Lincoln could never free the slaves,

With Jackie Robinson never joining the team.


The message of Christianity could not be taught,

Many souls of the lost I cannot reach,

Jesus would be exiled and God would be banned,

Because there is no freedom of speech.

~ ~ ~

But life without the first amendment,

How glorious for some that may be,

Music would truly be censored,

And art in its true form one could see.


Eminem would not cuss,

And Britney would not swear,

The children of this generation might grow up clean,

Since their hearts and ears one could spare.


People would focus on what true reality is,

And not just what they see on TV,

They would base their lives on something substantial,

Instead of dreaming the dreams of soap operas and the OC.


Everyone might stay the same,

With no conceited advancements made,

Perhaps this might be good,

Provoking a less competitive way.


There would be no complaining,

And unnecessary ridiculing could be stopped,

There would be a limit to democracy,

With traditional morals not dropped.

~ ~ ~

Life without the first amendment,

What a strange life that would be,

For now I’m glad speech is free,

Or else this poem may not exist, you see.


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