The Boy and His Lunch

five loaves two fish

While still dark outside, Momma woke up real early and forced herself to get out of bed,

It was to be a long day- and much was to be tended to: cleaning, laundry, and making bread,


Her little boy was still asleep- let him sleep for a few minutes more she thought,

I will go and make his lunch with what we have since with little money nothing can be bought,


She kneaded the dough through her fingers and cooked the last two pieces of fish,

Praying as she reached for the 5 loaves out of the storage from last night’s supper dish,


She placed the lunch in basket for her son so it’d be there to eat when he was ready,

With the current finances she wasn’t sure how the food supply would remain steady,


Wide awake the child jumped up, grabbed the lunch, and pulled the door tight,

But not before hugging his dear mother who brushed his messy hair so polite,


He was headed to see that Man today- the one who spoke of things unseen,

It was just last week He gave a blind man his sight- My! Had it been a scene!


This time was different as thousands came and sat in the soft and tender tall grass,

The Man began to speak of the kingdom of God gathering the attention of the mass,


Lunchtime rolled around and soon hungry eyes grew afloat,

There was nothing around to buy or eat for food- not in that place so remote.


“Does anyone have anything to eat?” asked the Man who healed the blind,

The Man looked right at the little boy, who sheepishly turned and inclined,


Handing the Man his basket of Momma’s packed lunch, the crowd began to ask,

But the Man took the bread and fish and broke it as simple as any task,


“Pass out this lunch to all my people” the Man said to his followers standing by,

The boy watched in awe as each one got fed- he could not believe his eye,


Perhaps the real miracle is not in the boy willing to give up his afternoon food,

But in the Momma who faithfully woke up at sunrise trusting the God she viewed,


Give Jesus your lunch and in turn He will multiply your seed,

To produce a plentiful harvest: pressed down, shaken together, running over indeed.


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