7 Amazing Reasons to Run a 5K … on a Treadmill


1. Air Conditioning! (Provided you’re in a gym, workout center, fitness room – the cooler you are, the less you sweat, the greater amount of water is conserved in your body, and the longer you can run!).

2. You can run with music in your ears. (Go for the headphones! And you don’t have to worry about being oblivious to cars coming 45mph right at/behind you).

3. You can catch up on the latest (?) Bonanza episodes. (Does this need explanation? Watch TV or catch up on your latest Itunes podcast while running in place! Who said multi-tasking had to be difficult?)

4. Adjust the settings to your own workout style. (You get to decide if you want your run to be like chasing at cheetah at 8.5mph up Mount Everest – but seriously, you control the incline, the speed, and the ‘calories burned’ count).

5. Give your knees a break! (Nothing is worse than pounding your feet on the concrete pavement- it causes an overload of tension on your knee joints! The rubber and tract on a treadmill is just right and keeps you moving at a decent pace to prevent excessive pounding on your legs.)

6. Snow/Rain/Sleet/100 degree Sunshine got NOTHING on you! (The environment can’t stop your workout. [Unless of course there is a blizzard and the roads close preventing you from even getting to the gym]This way, you can establish a routine and stick to it no matter what!)

7. Lower your cholesterol, Decrease your BMI, Increase your muscle mass, Increase your endurance, Decrease your overall heart rate, Decrease your risk for Diabetes, Increase your overall health, Decrease your stress level, Increase your stamina, and Just. Feel. Great.


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