Unforgiveness is a monster buried deep inside

Our minds, seeping into our souls,

An inward hurtful irritation that grows and grows.


Unforgiveness is a bitter, dark, poison that causes

Cancer of the heart,

Destroying the very being of who we think we are.


Unforgiveness is ugly,

Reeking of a deathly stench that we ourselves cannot detect,

But others around can smell without hindrance.


Unforgiveness is the lack of love

Withheld from someone who we think deserves less,

But really destroys us and not them.


Unforgiveness is easy to hold on to,

And can be cultivated with just the thought of injustice,

Reminiscing the times that we were wronged.


Unforgiveness has only one cure,

One thing that can set us free from its fatal bonds,

To a life so bold and free.


Forgiveness is freedom,

So beautiful, so wild, so true,

Leading to an adventure of inward peace.


Forgiveness is a gift,

Given to us so that it can be given away,

As a cool wind on a warm summers day,


Forgiveness is the anecdote,

The treatment, the cure,

For all ailments of bitterness, resentments, and anger.


Forgiveness is the diagnosis for all things jealousy,

Healing the heart of something fierce,

Turning cold stone emotions to genuine kindness.


Forgiveness is what was given to us to embrace,

So today do yourself a favor and let go,

The prisoner being set free is not them, but you.


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