Did you see this???…Bravo to an early Mother’s Day

Ms. Toya Graham, smacking her son for participating in the Baltimore Protests.

Now normally you wouldn’t expect to such pictures of people smacking other people on this blog- at Cowgirl Chris we like to stay with delicate and quaint topics such as poetry, or summer-fresh salads (check out my Pico Pizzazzz … how many Z’s was that?), or moderate study techniques to help you achieve academic excellence. But I digress.

Today we venture into a new topic- one that that has yet to be discussed and verbally analyzed on such a medium:

The MAMA Grizzly.

Sarah Palin (remember her?…phew, that was a while back) referred to herself as one of these-

If Mr. (Dr?) Webster had a definition of this term, it would go something like this-

The Mama Grizzly

MAMA Grizzly: (;Mah-mah;;-grr-iz-Lii): Any mother who normally displays the quiet, elegant, lady-like traits of a kind-hearted and warm caretaker, provider, and parent who, when PROVOKED by such intensely endangering circumstances to her child (cub) or BY her child becomes the HULK.

Who’s the HULK? The big green monster you on see on Avengers (Part 2 is coming out this summer, y’all) that cannot be controlled until the angry situation has subsided.

The Infamous Hulk

But in all seriousness: the uproar in Baltimore is real, and is affecting the image of our country as others perceive it. The Charm City is working to regain the True Charm we all know and love. Law and order is a must- and one day without it will result in complete destruction of an entire city (we’ve already seen this). But this picture isn’t about the situation…it’s about the MOTHER.

The child she is smacking is HER SON. Her only son, whom she loves, cares for, provides for, and works hard for. And after seeing him on TV following the unacceptably violent ways of those protestors, she went and FOUND HIM in the street, smacked him on the head a time or two (or maybe 10…), and brought him home.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Spare the rod, spoil the child. (Proverbs 13:24)

This mother knew this concept. If only there were more mothers out there willing to smack their young-ins when they become rebellious enough (and find the audacity) to throw rocks at our Police.

A couple (and by a couple I mean 4) hilariously ironic things about this story:

  1. This child was not afraid to protest against the Law of this country
  2. This child was not afraid of standing in the street in a place he should NOT have been around others who were throwing rocks and bottles and taunting the Police
  3. This child adamantly and audaciously put a masked covering on his face to demonstrate rebellion and become part of a violent act he had no thorough understanding of

This kid was afraid of his Mama.

Lemme tell you one thing, and this is true: This kid has a future. He has the potential to get somewhere in life. You wanna know why?! Cuz he’s got a MAMA that LOVES him.

Mother’s Day is coming soon: If you’ve ever had a Mama Grizzly that smacked you a time or two, THANK HER. You owe it to her 😉

Happy {early} Mother’s Day Ms. Toya Graham! We Salute You.


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