hablas español? あなたはスペイン語を話しますか?

Learning a language doesn’t have to cost lots of money and lots of time!! The best part is: it can take just 10… TEN MINUTES a day! 

How? Is this possible?

An English professor, and friend of mine, recently recommended this app: DUOLINGO 

Truthfully, here’s the deal: I was a bit skeptical on how this system could actually teach me new language. After all there are so so so so so so so many programs that claim that you’ll be a native speaker in just three days if you sign up now for 6 easy payments of $99.99

But she has been using this app religiously for the past month now and is learning how to speak Italian. Surprisingly,but maybe not so surprisingly, she has become quite proficient in Italian even though she had no prior training in the language. “Just 10 minutes today,” she said! 

So I gave it a go and downloaded the app on my phone:

It’s rather quirky, but such an intelligent way to teach yourself a new language. This app even sends me a reminder every day to complete my promised 10 minutes. Now granted you could do more than 10 minutes if you feel so obliged. But alas my schedule will not allow for that – so I just settled for the 10 minutes.

The best part?!… This app is FREE!!! 

I decided to begin learning Spanish as I already have a solid proficiency in French and of course a decent proficiency in English ha.

Here’s a view of the profile of lessons that I will complete as the weeks go on. I honestly feel that my recognition of basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases has improved: and it’s only been one week!   
Cool, huh?! So give it a go! Try a new language – and impress yourself with the ability to train your brain to recognize phrases, sentences, and vocabulary in a completely new tongue! 

Who knows after all maybe after some practice you could label yourself as bilingual! Or trilingual? Or quadralingual? Is that even a word? Did I mention I am working on my proficiency in English?!


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