Book Review! UNCHARTED by Angela Hunt

This is probably the most frustrating book I ever read. Irritating, agonizing, head-throbbing…and oh so ever enlightening.

As much as I hated the outcome of this book, I loved it. What it is about love and hate that work together so finely to mesh up your emotions in such a mangled fashion?? Angela Hunt does it again, y’all.

Expect the Unexpected.

Normally I do well to predict the outcome of a novel- but this one I couldn’t pin down, and sometimes I still struggle with the concepts presented in this book. I think we all do, subconsciously, at least. What happens when you come to the end of life, but don’t realize it’s the end? Or is it?

Read this book- give it a go! It made me realize what life’s true meaning is all about- and the significance and insignificance of it all. Don’t find yourself uncharted.


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