Learn French! (or keep learning French…) Le Petit Prince will teach you! 

Finding it a drag to continue with the language you’re learning?? … Are you trying to improve your French but day-to-day vocab is a boring drag?! Let Le Petit Prince help you:

Le Petit Prince is a novella published by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I remember this book so fondly as it was the first ‘French’ book I ever read…and of course, it was in French.

As with any language, this was difficult for me as I was only about 2 years into my [elementary] French studies when I picked up this book. The vocabulary presented many familiar terms, but alas there was much I still could not recognize. With this book, and a French-English dictionary in hand, I tackled reading chapter by chapter.

I decided to pursue 1 chapter a week: This was manageable enough, and allowed for my schedule to still find room for all other precious activities involved (including the upkeep normal schoolwork, of course).

If perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with your language studies…find an elementary STORYbook (preferably without too many pictures- this will force you to focus on the meaning of words rather than relying on pictures to explain) in that language to read- even if the level is a bit challenging for you. Our minds are designed in curiosity to know ‘what happens next‘ and this alone will make this process more enjoyable.

I found that by the time I got halfway through this book, I was NOT relying so heavily on my pocket dictionary as I once was- such an ever so precious experience.


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