Book Review! Fundamentals of AandP by Martini

I know this is a bit of a stretch from a traditional ‘book review’, and granted this is NOT fiction. And scratch the weird guy wearing blue pants trying to do yoga (pilates?… I don’t know) on the front cover.

Asides from all that…I have to tell you, in all my teaching career, this book is the BEST book in which students can learn Anatomy and Physiology. Couple (and by a couple, I mean like 5) reasons why this book is just awesome:

  • excellent, and thorough descriptions of physiological concepts
  • large concepts maps and drawings of organ systems
  • great pictures!!!
  • Did I mention?? It’s easy to understand.

I realize this isn’t Guyton’s physiology, but if you’re not in the mood for hard core medical school curriculum, this book hits the spot. When you’re first trying to understand and learn Anatomy, it’s best to get a book that YOU CAN UNDERSTAND…and then graduate on to the more complicated one later. Just a thought.

Happy Studying!!


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