Book Review! University of Destruction by David Wheaton

Got a kid in your life that’s headed to college for this fist time this Fall? Know anybody that’s headed back to campus in August? Get them this book! (And make sure they READ it!!)

This book is awesome. David Wheaton played tennis at Stanford University (yayy Cali!): He was raised a Christian, in a Christian home – and as many first time college students realize, the college setting isn’t quite at ‘saving grace’.

This book will put perspective on WHY maintaining, cherishing, and protecting your relationship with Jesus is THE MOST important priority in life. Wheaton will also share his first-hand experiences with professors, other leaders/academics/peers, philosophies, influence of music, drugs/alcohol, relationships (all kinds of them), etc: and HOW the world distorts and perverts these things to negatively influence your Biblical worldview.

True Confession: I read this book before attending the big, public University that I got my Neuroscience degree from. And I am proud to say, I was able to maintain my faith and come out spiritually stronger as a result of the principles I learned in this book.

Get a copy and give it to your college student today! And make sure they read it BEFORE they get to campus!


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