Spreading your wings to FLY

Spring Break is officially over, which means getting up at an erroneous hour in the morning, before the rooster ever crowed, and before Chik-fil-a opens. (Speaking of which, NEVER travel on Sundays, for reason that are obvious- there won’t be any Chik-fil-a to accompany your journey and adventurous travels.) 

After losing my shoes and finding them again through the security line, I hopped on a shuttle to get to the terminal. The shuttle was so crowded, as you can see below. I had quite a peril just finding a seat:  


As you can see I had to settle for a McDonald’s breakfast….

10 more weeks till summer vacation. 

10 more weeks till academic freedom 🙂

10 more weeks till I have to say goodbye to my Awesomest Philly friends and come home. 

Departing Dallas is such sweet sorrow:

Doesn’t the sun look so much more gorgeous from 20,000 feet in the air?? Look closely you can see the slightly evident Dallas skyline from above. 

All I hear is the loud siren alerting me baggage claim has begun. 

Bags retrieved, and waiting at Ground Transportation: Lady Liberty Shuttle is the most efficient (but today it took 2 hours b/c of St. Patty’s Day traffic) way to get back to my home away from home:


The streets of Philly and Chinatown haven’t changed a bit since I left them approximately 9.5 days ago. Here’s a view of the historic US Post Office. Seeing this building means that I’m about 5.7453637 sec drive away from my apartment building. 

The fun and countdown begins!!!

Home-Sweet-School! Thanking The LORD for the opportunity and privilege to study here 🙂 


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