I refuse to pull an all-nighter tonight…

I saw this sign for the first time when I was starting my Master’s Degree in Scranton, PA. It was at a local coffee shop [Northern Light Espresso Bar and Cafe] that this lady from the 1980s was blaring these words: 

the 1980s coffee lady never lies


Check out those goergeous pearl earrings and matching necklace! 

A list of things that qualify for this banner:

-pull all-nighters for LEA (Lower Extemity Anatomy) quizzes. This won’t guarantee that you’ll PASS the quiz, but for the record, you may not fail as miserably…which in my book is still a success. 

-get up at 4am to study LEA (nothing perks those droopy eyelids open like the fresh scent of expresso!)

-study LEA eating lunch. Coffee is a great substitute for afternoon chai (sorry, Queen of England!)

All these things can be done faster with coffee. 

Maybe not smarter, but certainly faster. 


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