And the WINNER is…

So today was Class Council elections…that’s right! Several positions in our class were up for grabs- such as: 

  • President-Elect (lead musketeer of the business- takes up about 2 hours of your day, everyday), 
  • Parliamentarian, (controls council meetings, times people when they give speeches, make those same people be quiet when it’s NOT their turn to talk)
  • Treasurer, (keeps track of allocation funds for every student club, and orders pizza from Zio’s Pizza Palace)
  • Secretary, (writes stuff…idk what, but they write it…and keep record of all their writings…too much writing)
  • Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association Representative [PPMA], (advocate for pods –> physician status and stand up for concerns of students in regards to podiatric education)
  • New Jersey Podiatric Medical Society Rep, (same thing as above Penn Rep, but just the state that’s right over the river)
  • Election Chair (the person in charge of organizing these elections…and handling ballots…and makes sure kids DO NOT write up 2 ballots when their friends are trying to vote for them)

I ran for PPMA…and guess what?! I was UN-CONTESTED!!! Meaning…NO ONE ran against me. Competition was too scared ha! 

And then I did the happy dance…election results = FLAWLESS


Jimmy and Elmo. Win is a Win

First thing on the agenda: Open a Podiatric Medical School in Dallas, Texas.

Next election, I think I’ll run for US Prez 🙂 White House, here I come!!! 🙂 UNCONTESTED.


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