A ‘Yawn’ is a silent scream for coffee…

Today, it was FINALLY 70 degrees and sunny in Philly…FINALLY!

So we (my friends and I) decided to venture the city…first stop: WaWa.

WaWa, I guess, is like a New Jersy/PA thing. We don’t have WaWa’s in Dallas…but maybe we should: for the very reason that at first glance, my nose leads me to the ever-so-sweetly pleasant smell of nothing other than coffee:



So. Many. Choices. If you look carefully, that’s my cup under the hazelnut there…I got the largest size cup available. Next time, I’m bringing my crockpot to fill up on this goodness. 

My usually flavor: mix of hazelnut + French vanilla. It’s a must.

As I was walking out of the WaWa, I saw this sign outside a more local (and maybe gourmet?) coffee stop:


revelation on a chalkboard- this sign makes me want to yawn even more

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been yawning a lot lately. 

Coffee break 🙂


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