Cuz ain’t nobody got time for bfast…

This is breakfast:


English muffin (toasted using my roommates’ toaster) hidden under scrambled egg whites, topped with yellow American cheese- Kraft brand duhh- and all natural chicken sausage w/ apples (cuz the store didn’t have any other flavors) – but still Yum-O

The current time: 11:47PM.

So that means that it will ‘technically’ be AM (morning) in 3 minutes.

Second year Med School is now officially in full swing – a whole 3.5 weeks has gone by. This year, my turn-over-a-new-leaf goal was to eat breakfast everyday.

I tried that – the first day – I actually made breakfast. And then I was late to class.

So, now, after running 3 miles (3.2 miles to be exact) – I’m eating breakfast.

I’m starting off my morning on the right foot. (ahaha! Get it? FOOT!…Podiatry…. 🙂


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