I hate Mondays.  

It was Sunday night: After feeling refreshed and motivated, and rather inspired to start my week out right- I went to bed Early so I could conquer the day beginning 6am. 

I couldn’t sleep a wink yesterday. After tossing and turning I fell fast asleep about 2am. 

Didn’t wake up to my alarm- and probably snoozed for an hour. Then woke up to a massive headache. Missed class cuz I didn’t finish what I needed to this morning for exam tomorrow. Because remember, I was supposed to wake up perked up and refreshed at 5:45am. 

Dragged my way to kitchen, and then violently Stubbed my toe really bad on fridge while trying to make coffee. Oii ouch. 

Finally turned on my laptop to get started on some Internal Medicine review- and realized I had no internet connection because of a password change. And was on hold with tech service for 20 min because my internet stopped working. 

Not to mention, when I finally did check my email- I got charged $29 for some early move in fee- why didn’t I know about this before- and have to go back and pay the outstanding amount. Ugh. 

And I still haven’t reviewed properly for my Wednesday exam. Which I am in the process of, and almost done with now. But still. 

Phew. Motivational Monday here we go. 



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