The BEST Food … Is when you’re MOST Hungry

Pathology exam was at 8am. 

I studied till 1am, and woke up at 5am. To studyyy again. 

That means that if I calculate my REM sleep cycles correctly, I got precisely 3.5 hours solid sleep. 

And now it’s lunch time. 

Before finishing off the rest of my 4.5 hour sleep deficit- it is highly necessary to stuff my stomach with ample nutrition- in other words- ultimate hibernation mode. 

So my roommate and I decided to visit good ol’ Reading Terminal Market (just adjacent to Chinatown, Philadelphia)

‘Hunger Burger’ was calling my name. And the lady asked me if I wanted sweet potato fries with my double special 100% all natural juicy beefy Hunger Burger. At first I said ‘no fries’….

Then I came back to my senses. 

I yelled “YES!!! I will have sweet potato fries”  

Most people take pictures of burgers before taking two delicious mouth watering bites out of them. Most people. Good thing I’m not ‘most people’. Ha!

Most importantly, here are the sweet potato fries I yelled for: a close up to savor…

Double Hunger Burger: $8.00

Sweet Potato Fries: $3.50

The feeling of complete peace after God helps you ace the exam and provides a delicious cow-sized juicy burger (and fries…sweet): $$$priceless


One thought on “The BEST Food … Is when you’re MOST Hungry

  1. 🐄sized🍔 ~ well deserved!

    Told you: 🍔😴📚🔄

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