Springing forward, Spring Cleaning, and Springing into Action

That’s alot of Spring.

A couple notes, as you can see. We, here at Cowgirl Chris have changed the theme up a bit to something a bit more STUDIOUS?! … the theme looks to be quite studious as we are busily prepping for APMLE STEP 1 (Boards Part 1). So changing the theme (we thought) would serve as a great way to spring into studying. 

This morning I wasn’t studying for boards, because of an OR Protocol Midterm. So I did you my usual pre-exam ritual and grabbed a bagel and coffee from ‘the cart’ outside. And brought it back to the library and licked all the heart-blocking, atherosclerosis-inducing cream cheese right off. Notice how ‘the cart’ bagels are nicely pre-wrapped with glorious generic plastic wrap. The flavor of Philadelphia cream cheese (philadelphia chromosome 9;22 –> this is a Boards Questions!!) that the cart serves us is..Plain, Plain, and the last flavor…Plain. 

And you can see in the tainted picture the coffee in the back – cream, no sugar, please! A healthy, satisfying, quick, yummy routine to eat your way to a 92% on the exam. All for $2.50. Hard to beat ‘the cart’ guy in any Philly town. 

Test question: Identify the ‘type’ of surgical instrument seen on the laptop screen? … Answer: Allis Grasping Forceps

Now that the exam is over, how can you burn off the carbohydrates and fatty streaks in your arteries induced by ‘the cart’ cinnamon bagel and cream cheese? Gym? ..nah!!!

Try the Nike Training Club app!! It’s fabulous! And it burns…so much i needed to borrow my roommate’s Biofreeze to un-kink my neck.  Oops!

Will be posting on my Boards Studying progress: July 11, 2017 is the big day!

In the mean time…it’s time for my workout!!


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