Something’s afoot…

This blog is narrated by a stellar neuroscience major (Your Humble Correspondent: Cowgirl Chris) now turned Podiatric (NOT Pediatric) medical student. The perils, successes, trials, triumphs and irritations of living the life of a Podiatric student are available and transparent through each interesting post.

What is Podiatry? It is the highly specialized, extraordinary study of the foot and ankle. A Podiatrist, or a Podiatric Surgeon, is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine that assesses, diagnosis, performs surgery, and treats all symptoms, diseases, and ailments associated with the foot and ankle.

Podiatry is the hidden gem of all of medicine. (The podiatric medical student writing this blog believes this to be true.) Why? It is the only branch of medicine where a medical student studies, analyzes, and discovers all there is to know about this specialty starting from Day 1 of Medical School.

But why the foot? Why not the hand, or eye, or brain, or heart? Something’s afoot…besides, when your feet hurt, everything hurts.

Without BOTH feet functioning properly a human would never be able to run a marathon, walk to the coffee pot, sprint to the sales rack in Kmart, hop in the popcorn aisle of Kroger, or rock climb in Lifetime Fitness.

It’s a fact that 1 out of every 8 people will have/do have/have had/will continue to have foot problems. Feet are important. And Foot Doctors are even more important- because without feet I suppose there would be no Foot Doctors. I’ll stop rambling now.

Please follow this blog, you don’t have to, but please do if you want to, but only if you want to. (I make a much better Podiatry student than a salesperson. True fact.)

Perhaps after following these ramblings you will begin to feel this way: (see below). Your feet will thank you.


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