The BEST Food … Is when you’re MOST Hungry

Pathology exam was at 8am. 

I studied till 1am, and woke up at 5am. To studyyy again. 

That means that if I calculate my REM sleep cycles correctly, I got precisely 3.5 hours solid sleep. 

And now it’s lunch time. 

Before finishing off the rest of my 4.5 hour sleep deficit- it is highly necessary to stuff my stomach with ample nutrition- in other words- ultimate hibernation mode. 

So my roommate and I decided to visit good ol’ Reading Terminal Market (just adjacent to Chinatown, Philadelphia)

‘Hunger Burger’ was calling my name. And the lady asked me if I wanted sweet potato fries with my double special 100% all natural juicy beefy Hunger Burger. At first I said ‘no fries’….

Then I came back to my senses. 

I yelled “YES!!! I will have sweet potato fries”  

Most people take pictures of burgers before taking two delicious mouth watering bites out of them. Most people. Good thing I’m not ‘most people’. Ha!

Most importantly, here are the sweet potato fries I yelled for: a close up to savor…

Double Hunger Burger: $8.00

Sweet Potato Fries: $3.50

The feeling of complete peace after God helps you ace the exam and provides a delicious cow-sized juicy burger (and fries…sweet): $$$priceless


A feast for your eyes!

It’s 12:31 AM.

Time for breakfast.

But I have no way of ‘making’ breakfast…so I decided to ‘make’ breakfast on Windows Paint.

A feast for your eyes:


I guess I’ll go eat my leftovers from Japanese Hibachi grill instead…

P.S. I’ve been studying WAYYY too much Pathology all day. 

A Studious Saturday 

I woke up this morning at the crack of 10:00AM. This motivated me to drink more water:

BREAKFAST: Organic instant coffee (Mount Hagen) – with all natural sweet cream. YUM!! There’s no picture of the delicious breakfast – because I drank it too fast. And I was a bit too lazy to get out of bed and grab my phone (camera) to do so. But details. 


Delicious Chicken korma with Paratha – chicken korma courtesy my fabulous cousin and chef- who was gracious enough to help me fill my freezer with delicious home cooked meals – for those ever so never ending study days that make one feel nostalgic and homesick. YUM!


Pepper jack cheesy ziti with cumin seasoned cucumber. Cooked in a shallow pan skillet with tangy tomato sauce. A nice dinner to end a long study day- and start an even longer study night. 

Yay for a studious – and ever so delicious – Saturday!

Red Velvet Fridays

I went to gym last night. Quick workout- nothing lengthy- just the standard 3 miles in 30 minutes thing: (don’t let the ‘LifeFitness’ label fool you- it’s not a real ‘gym’…more like a closet room behind the basement cadaver lab…but details!) 

Today, I found a tub of Red Velvet cake in my fridge. And my roommate was so gracious- she gave me the whole thing:  

Today I’m not going to the gym. Instead, I’m going to study Pathology. 

And eat cake out of a tub in my room. 

It’s always a HAPPY FRIDAY!!  

Hello September. 

My favorite month of the year. 

Mucky hot and desert sun heat replaced by life’s cool breeze and warm- yet ever so calmingly chill breeze. And the trees in the northeast say hello by replacing their deep greens with yellow, orange, red…

And pumpkins. Pumpkin spiced lattes. Pumpkin muffins.  Pumpkin cheesecake.  

Yup. My favorite month of the year. 

Terrific Tuesdays. 

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a kidney stone. So much pain in the lower back region- 

Maybe it was a prelude to the internal medicine exam at 3pm. 

Or stress. 

Or a sign that I need more coffee and less sleep. 

Perhaps an indication that I need more sleep- regular sleep. Ha!

Either, turns out it was just awkward pain…and the craziness of the exam? Done. 


I hate Mondays.  

It was Sunday night: After feeling refreshed and motivated, and rather inspired to start my week out right- I went to bed Early so I could conquer the day beginning 6am. 

I couldn’t sleep a wink yesterday. After tossing and turning I fell fast asleep about 2am. 

Didn’t wake up to my alarm- and probably snoozed for an hour. Then woke up to a massive headache. Missed class cuz I didn’t finish what I needed to this morning for exam tomorrow. Because remember, I was supposed to wake up perked up and refreshed at 5:45am. 

Dragged my way to kitchen, and then violently Stubbed my toe really bad on fridge while trying to make coffee. Oii ouch. 

Finally turned on my laptop to get started on some Internal Medicine review- and realized I had no internet connection because of a password change. And was on hold with tech service for 20 min because my internet stopped working. 

Not to mention, when I finally did check my email- I got charged $29 for some early move in fee- why didn’t I know about this before- and have to go back and pay the outstanding amount. Ugh. 

And I still haven’t reviewed properly for my Wednesday exam. Which I am in the process of, and almost done with now. But still. 

Phew. Motivational Monday here we go.